Dumb Charades

  The old favourite game of Dumb-charades!
  Teams of three members – any three people can team up
  Will feature a preliminary round, which will offer an opportunity for each registered team; each team will get 90 seconds to solve one movie title and one personality
  One member of the team mimes out the given clue,and the other two team members must guess what is being acted out
  The words cannot be mimed as alphabets or syllables, nor can they be split in the prelims; we will announce separate rules for the finals
  Number of letters in a word cannot be indicated
  Number of words can be indicated
  You can mime anything related to the clue
  Guessing members can discuss among themselves
  Teams will be judged on the number of correct answers, followed by time taken; the Top eight teams will qualify for the finals
  The finals will contain five different rounds with allotted time limits for each round